Monday, September 17, 2012

Results of the KDP Select Promotion

So to kick off my new book "Beautiful, Magical, Amazing Ballet" I used up 3 promotion days to offer the book for free. I ran a similar promotion for 2 days on the first book "Not Just a Princess" last month. Here's how they compared.

Not Just a Princess
Total Downloads: 2366
#1 Children's free ebooks > People and Places
#11 All Children's free ebooks
#168 All Free ebooks

Beautiful, Magical, Amazing Ballet
 Total Downloads: 10,996
#1 Children's free ebooks>Arts and music>Dance 
#1 All Children's free ebooks
#25 All Free ebooks

So basically the second promotion was over 4 times more
successful than the first. Given that this promotion was a day
longer but 8500 came in the first two days.

What are the differences that could have affected this total?
- Having more than one book?
- Asking more free ebook and coupon sites sites to add the book to their list?
- Having more Twitter followers?
- People like ballerina's more than princesses?

Who knows but, it's great though that almost 11,000 people may be reading my book to their kids in the near future. Regarding the aftermath of sales, it's a bit early to tell. The first one did see an uptick after the promotion ended and continues to do better than the second. The second is seeing a tiny uptick but not as much as the first one did after it's promotion. I'll get a better read in a couple days. If anyone has used KDP Select to do a promotion, I would love to hear your experience below.

Mary Lee

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