Monday, August 13, 2012

If I could banish some books from the library...

Yeah, I get that certain books, because of violent or sexual content, get banned from the public library (although maybe instead of being banned, they should just have a creepy back room that an uptight librarian has to unlock to let you in while shaking her head in disapproval). Well, I get those, but what about kids books that are just annoying or sabotage parental peace?

Right now, I'm looking at you Berenstein Bears Bad Dream! To the unsuspecting it seems like a book that would help a child get to sleep. Wrong! Read this and neither you or your child will sleep for a week. If you're child didn't have bad dreams before, now it's on their mind. It doesn't matter that the book has a happy ending. It's being informed of all the awful things you can dream about that has a kids head spinning. I would love a book that dealt with bad dreams in a way that got my kids to bed on time so if anyone knows one, please comment below.


  1. My sister used to have nightmares and she loved a book called "Nana Bunilda come pesadillas" (Nana Bunilda eats nightmares). I didn't use to have nightmares and I loved it too.

    I think the book was only published in Spanish:

    But I found the text in English at the end of this PDF (just to warn you, I haven't check to see if the translation is good):

    I hope you and your kids like it!

    1. That's a beautiful story. The translation was just fine. Thank you for sharing. I'll have to read it to my little ones some time. My husband put them to bed tonight. He's sooooo much better at it than me. Maybe I look like someone that would get eaten by a nightmare before Nana Bunilda gets there :)