Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tripping through the

So a great thing about doing the promotion this week was finding out all the things I did wrong with the book. The reviews have been positive but the technology was a learning curve.

Problem: The book was listed in the wrong category. It was under "Sports". Nope, no sports here.
Solution: Apparently when I asked for the "Imagination and play" category, which isn't an actual Amazon category, they translates that to mean "Sports and activities". I emailed Amazon and they helped me get into better categories. I'm now listed under...
Kindle story>Kindle ebooks>Children's ebooks>Ages 4-8
Kindle store>Kindle ebooks>Children's ebooks>Baby-3>Bedtime and dreaming

Problem: My book is only listed as 9 pages. It's actually 32. The whole thing downloads just fine, it's just being listed on the product page as much shorter than it is.
Solution: Still working on this one. I contacted Amazon and they're suppose to get back to me in 3-5 business days.

Problem: I'm not getting that nifty "Look inside this book" feature.
Solution: This gets fixed automatically in a few days.

I know whenever I try something new I'm going to stumble along so please bear with me. I'm sorry if this got confusing for anyone.

Mary Lee

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