Friday, August 17, 2012

Promotion results

So I put my book on sale for 100% off or FREE for two days. Since Not Just a Princess has only been out for 5 days it was at the bottom of Amazon's massive pile of books that reached to the moon and back. No surprise, like me, a lot of people like free stuff. Here's how high the book scored...

Children's free ebooks > People and Places

Children's free ebooks > Sports and activities
(Since there are no sports in this book, I contacted Amazon and in the next 72 hours it'll be reclassified as...Children's ebooks>Baby-3>Bedtime and dreaming and Kindle story>Kindle ebooks>Children's ebooks>Ages 4-8)

All Children's free ebooks

All Free ebooks

# of free books downloaded: 2366

This morning I'm back to the sad bottom but yesterday, the book was actually visible to people clicking around. That's pretty cool, I think. Also, it's nice to think that 2366 people may be reading my book to their kids this week.

Mary Lee


  1. Congratulations on taking The Big Risk & getting your story into people's hands. I bow to you & wish you the best.

    1. Thanks, not much of a risk really. When you DIY almost everything it can be pretty inexpensive and I have great support to boost my self-confidence. Half the challenge is being all "Little Engine That Could" and "I think I can, I think I can..."Now that it's done, I just hope other people love it as much as I did making it.